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Enerquip’s design expertise and use of high alloy materials provides customers with durable, low maintenance shell and tube heat exchangers and a return on investment that exceeds their expectations. Creating thermal designs that are an optimal fit for your unique operating environment and application, we can fulfill many of your needs with our off-the-shelf heat exchangers, bayonet heaters, vapor condensers and more. When you have unique requirements, our expert designers and engineers deliver highly customized solutions. In addition, Enerquip designs and fabricates the American Heating line of products including hot oil heaters, heating coils, and steam generators. Our reputation for high quality and aggressive lead times have earned us a preferred supplier status with leading companies in the pharmaceutical, sanitary, food and dairy, chemical, brewing and beverage, refining, industrial, tank terminal and biodiesel markets. Enerquip takes a uniquely proactive approach to project management. From quoting through post-delivery support, our customers experience a streamlined and consistent process with on-time delivery. Our team of committed experts and culture of innovation, combined with our quality standards, provides our customers peace of mind that our products will meet their needs, even under the toughest operating and regulatory conditions. Meet our team of Sales Engineers.

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