Heat Exchanger Manufacturers

An Authoritative List of the Best Heat Exchanger Manufacturers Available

Heat-Exchanger USA

McDonough, GA | 800-780-3776

Heat-Exchanger USA designs and manufactures all kinds of custom shell and tube heat exchangers. We’ve been in the heat exchanger industry for more than 20 years, and we perform all fabrication in house to ensure quality and reliability. In addition to new heat exchangers, we are also experts in finding replacement and duplicate heat exchangers. Take a look at our website or give us a call to see all we have to offer!

JFD Tube & Coil Products, Inc.

Hamden, CT | 800-824-2664

JFD Tube & Coil Products is a leading manufacturer of high quality heat transfer equipment. Heat exchangers are just one of the many custom heat transfer products we manufacture. We specialize in shell and tube heat exchangers, and we work with our customers to provide innovative solutions to their industrial challenges. We also offer a variety of standard and specialty alloys to better meet your needs. Call us or submit a request for quote to see how we can serve you!

Yula Corporation

Bronx, NY | 718-991-0900

Since 1926, Yula Corporation has served industrial companies around the world with high quality, engineered heat exchangers. We provide a diverse range of heat exchangers, including U-tube, straight tube, stainless steel, nickel, and other exchangers. Our customers are always at the center of our focus, and it is always our goal to serve each customer with unmatched quality, knowledge, and support. Contact one of our heat exchanger experts to find your solution today!

Industrial Heat Transfer, Inc.

Coon Valley, WI | 608-452-3103

Industrial Heat Transfer is your heat exchanger and heat transfer specialist. Our continuous plate fin design is at the core of every IHT heat transfer solution. This expert design provides high performance and low pressure drops, making our heat exchangers some of the very best in the industry. Your success is our priority, so we will work with you to create custom designs, find replacements, and provide repairs. Visit us online or give us a call!

Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.

Milwaukee, WI | 800-488-0230

As a versatile manufacturer of process equipment, Anguil perfectly blends proven, standard heat exchanger solutions with custom engineered products. We manufacture and design air-to-air exchangers, air-to-water exchangers, air-to-steam exchangers, and many other heat exchanger solutions. Energy efficiency is always a major component of our designs, so each of our products is specially designed to help reduce your operating costs. Get in touch with us today!

Ambassador Heat Transfer Company

Cincinatti, OH | 513-792-9800

Ambassador Heat Transfer Company designs, engineers, and manufactures industrial heat exchangers, specializing in shell and tube and air cooled heat exchangers. Our heat exchangers are ideal for use in waste heat recovery, compressor, vapor cooling, lubricant cooling, exhaust, and many other applications. With an engineering focus, we manufacture products to meet your specific needs, so call Ambassador today!